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Check in time is 3pm, and check out time is 11am (unless early check-in has been approved).  Refusal to adhere to these times will result in late fees or possibly a charge for an additional night.

No animals (with the exception of Seeing Eye dogs) are allowed on the properties.

All deposits are non-refundable*.

If notice of cancellation is given up to 30 days prior to arrival, and the booking has been paid for in full, and provided that management is able to book the confirmed unit to another party then 40% of the balance (which excludes the non-refundable deposit) may be refunded.

In the event of a natural disaster, payment will be held by us and applied toward a booking at a later date, convenient to the property.

A rental will only be confirmed upon the payment of a NON-REFUNDABLE* deposit & the return of the signed Term & Conditions to the management office.

All deposits are non-refundable*, and non-transferable. There are some circumstances where a deposit may be transferable; this however can only be determined by speaking to a manager. The balance must be paid 1 week prior to arrival.

Bookings made less than 1 week prior to arrival at the property must be paid for in full and monies paid in this case are non- refundable*.The resorts reserve the right to assign a different unit of the same type and occupancy as the confirmed unit if the need arises.

Accommodation is based on 2 people per room in all units. One child under 8 can occupy a room with 2 adults (children over 8 are considered adults for occupancy purposes). The properties have a pack and play for babies. This has to be requested at the management office when making your booking and is based on availability. (In the event this rule is not adhered to, the result will be immediate termination of the rental contract with no refund.)

We do not provide extra beds for these children. The property has 1 pack and play which can be provided upon request (if it is available).

Guests are allowed to invite a maximum of 2 people per day to their unit during their stay and the names must be given to management beforehand, so that access to the area will be granted. No one whose name is not at the OFB main gate will be allowed into the area.

The housekeepers are employed to serve guests according the maximum occupancy of the designated unit only. I.e. the studio- housekeeper is employed to service 2 persons max & the housekeeper in a 3-bedroom unit is employed to service 6 persons max.

The housekeepers` hours are from 8 am to 5 pm. Special arrangements have to be made for additional hours and these have to be paid for. Please contact the management office to make these arrangements.

Check in time is 3pm, and check out time is 11am (unless told otherwise by the rental office). For 1 night bookings check in is 1pm and check out is 1pm. (Refusal to adhere to these times will result in you being charged for an additional night.)

The resorts strictly enforce occupancy levels AND check in and check out times.

Please use the safe provided in the unit to store all valuables as the property will not be liable for any lost items.

No illegal drugs are allowed on the properties.

No smoking is allowed in the units.

No soliciting is allowed in the townhouses, apartments or villas.

No animals (with the exception of Seeing Eye dogs) are allowed on the properties.

All items found in the units are the personal property of the owners and must not be removed. You are responsible and will have to pay for any damage that you cause to the unit or the contents, or the loss of any items in the unit while you are staying there, as well as for any damage that you cause to the grounds.

Cannon Villas does not have a pool. Cannon Villas, Silver Palms and Chillin’ are separate entities managed by the same company. It follows that the pools and jacuzzis at the respective properties are exclusively for the use of guests staying at those properties, and guests may not trespass on to neighboring properties in order to use their facilities.

Pool side and house furniture (chairs, tables, cushions) are not allowed in the pool and cannot be taken to the beach. If you take towels to other properties or to the beach and do not return them, you will be billed for them.

Use of Pool, Hot Tub and Beach:

Children under the age of 6 are not permitted to swim in the pool or sea without an adult.

As there is no lifeguard on duty at the pool or beach, all guests swim at their own risk.

The life -saving devices (Tube etc.) are to be used only in cases of emergency and not as pool toys.

Unsupervised children are not allowed in the Jacuzzis & a maximum of 4 people are allowed at any one time.

The pool and jacuzzi are closed between 10pm and 6am.

Guests must wear proper attire when using the pool. Proper attire includes a swimsuit for women and bathing trunks for men. Wearing jeans, t-shirts, shoes, plastic shower caps (excluding bathing caps designed for use in a pool) brassieres, panties, boxer shorts and briefs as substitutes for swimming costumes is forbidden.

Adult and infant nudity is not allowed in public areas on the properties, and this includes the swimming pools and Jacuzzis.

Service charges are not included in the cost of the rental. We ask that you please tip your housekeeper when you are leaving.

Please lock or secure your villa, apartment or townhouse at night or when no-one is in the unit.

If you plan to have any functions on property including but not limited to reunions, weddings, parties, etc, these MUST be cleared with management when you are making the booking as there are additional costs involved.

Please note that the owners and management of Cannon villas, Silver Palms and Chillin’ at Old Fort Bay, do not provide any water sports equipment and/or facilities for the use of our guests and/or visitors. We are, therefore, not responsible and will not be liable for any accidents and/or losses sustained by the use of any water sports equipment or facility, on the beach, while staying at, or visiting the property. The use of such equipment is at your own risk.

Please note that all guests and visitors swim in the sea and pools at their own risk and the owners and management of Cannon Villas, Silver Palms and Chillin @ Old Fort Bay will not be liable for any accidents, injuries, damage, loss of life and other injurious results which might occur while using any of the facilities.

The owners and management of Cannon Villas, Silver Palms and Chillin @ Old Fort Bay will not be liable for any accidents, injuries etc (see 25) while occupying the villas, apartments and townhouses or using the grounds and facilities thereof unless the same is caused by negligence of the owners, managers or staff connected to or employed to the property.

Please note that all Court claims must be filed in Jamaican Courts and are governed by Jamaican law.